Working is for Losers

me: today was the wrong day to wear a black shirt

Brooke: i am wearing black too

me: hopefully you are not covered in dust

Brooke: i am sure someone there has a lint roller

me: it's no big deal. I will be down here for the rest of the day

no one will see my shame

Brooke: in your dungeon?

me: ye3s

Brooke: i am not ashamed of you, but your brother is

what are you doing now?

me: trying not to inhale

when do you start getting vacation time?

Brooke: i think in Jan

me: ok

that sucks

Brooke: why?

me: I want to run away!

working is for losers

Brooke: lal

you want to run away on vacation time?

me: as Pete and I used to say back in high school: Jobs are for sucks

yeah I figure at least then we could get away with it
and still be able to come back in 3 weeks to get more money

Brooke: so running away is not permanent

me: well it depends on how you look at it, I guess

Brooke: we could just become bank robbers

me: that would be cool

Brooke: like in point break

me: no way, I don't want to die

we gotta do it like the cat burglar dudes that never get caught

Brooke: ok, we won't die

or we could be like the couple in pulp fiction

me: yeah because they seemed to have such a high success rate

Brooke: and we are definitely smarter than they are

me: all it takes is one badass motherfucker and your day is ruined

Brooke: but i am the bamfer

me: no sam jackson is

Brooke: well, if he is not there, then i am

i called it 1st

me: fine

Brooke: cheer up

me: it's cool I'll be the suave sophisticated one

and I'll always dress better than you

Brooke: what?

you wish

me: yeah bad ass mother fuckers don't get to wear cute shoes

keep that in mind

Brooke: yes they do

uma thurman did in kill bill

me: dammit

good point

Brooke: i know

that is why i am the bamfer and get to do all the talkin

me: no the bamfer never talks

Brooke: you stand there and look intimidating

me: no that's your job

the bamfer is the intimidator

you gotta learn the rules

the suave sophisticated one does the talking

Brooke: maybe i'll just be both

me: fine

I'll wait in the car

Brooke: and be the driver?

me: no

Brooke: or will i do that too?

me: I'll just pick the best CDs

Brooke: ok sounds like a plan


John said…
I plan my escape every other week. Really gets Victoria excited (mmm hmm).

Soy un perdador, I'm a loser why don't you kill me
(beck, circa our teens)

Hope you and the lady are doing well.