Skateshop Radio

DJ Thick


About Skateshop Radio

I started doing Skateshop Radio in 2017.  This radio format show was what I imagined would be playing in the background at the coolest skateshop in the world.  I love skateboarding and skateboarding culture.  I can’t skate, but if you give me a choice of where to be at any given moment that’d be it.  The show is radio format, so no fancy mixing or beat matching (although I do attempt a special continuous mix show every once in a while) and the genres are all over the place.  In one show you may hear me go from funk to hip hop to jazz to punk rock, house, dubstep or drum and bass.  It's all about just showcasing good music, like sitting around with buddies and putting on records you think each other would dig.  Some episodes follow a theme, but mostly it's just a mix of whatever music I have recently dug up.  

Episodes are uploaded first to Mixcloud, which wasn't my first choice of services (pour one out for MixCrate) but it works ok.  If you don't want to fuss with that just hit the link above and download the MP3 directly from me.

About Me as DJ Thick

I’ve loved music since longer than I can remember.  One of my first injuries in life occurred when I was a small child, entranced by the music coming out of my parents' stereo, I pulled one of the massive speakers down on top of myself.

DJing, for me, started with making mixtapes in my bedroom in middle school, which gave way to burning CDs and making playlists.  All that changed the summer of 2002 after being inspired by Doug Pray’s documentary Scratch, I used a student loan check to purchase a cheap pair of turntables and a mixer and inherited my parents’ vinyl records.  Inspired by favorites like DJ Shadow and DJ Krush, I picked the name DJ Thick.
DJ Thick & FriendsOne of my first setups

I got a gig at my college radio station and hosted a few great weekly shows.  After that, I lost sight of DJing for a few years, but never stopped listening to and collecting great music.  A few years ago I finally snagged the @DJThick Twitter handle and you can follow me there too.  I don't post to the DJ Thick account as much as my main Ono_Sendai account, but you can follow me there for music stuff.

The bulk of my record collection
Finally organized my vinyl collection during COVID-19