Coined: Junk Farmer

Junk Farmer (noun)

A Junk Farmer is slang for those individuals that drive around in old beat up pick-up trucks searching for scrap metal, old appliances and just generally junk in general.

These trucks are usually recognized by their extremely poor condition and the insane amounts of "junk" piled in the back, which often requires special rigging and/or improvised side-rails to contain it.

Dude #1: "Don't follow that junk farmer too close or you may end up with a washing machine through your windshield."
Dude #2: "Good call. Those junk farmers are crazy."



Almost a month after my last blog entry, so much has happened. So here's the lowdown:

  • I graduated. Got my Masters degree in Library Information Science.

  • I got a job. My library hired me fulltime as their Technology Librarian. I'm doing exactly what I wanted to do and couldn't be happier

Okay, well that's about it for the big changes, but isn't that enough?!. No, in all seriousness, though after graduation I took a little mental vacation. There was a whole lot of laziness going on for about a week as I tried to unwind and figure out my next move.

My next move, of course was accepting an offer to work fulltime at my library. So, of course, working fulltime has left me exhausted by the time I get home and not much in the mood to blog. Things are still crazy at work, but they are slowly calming down... maybe that's just wishful thinking. More accurately, I'm just figuring out how to handle the extra workload, I guess.

In other news, my girlfriend moved to a new apartment, my best friend and his wife left for Costa Rica for the summer (but not without first stopping by Chicago to say goodbye) and I have started to spend the money that I have yet to recieve from my new job (which is awesome and scary at the same time).

I had a pretty good Memorial Day weekend. I hope all of you did. I had a weird thought though as I was sitting out on the deck grilling burgers for my girlfriends friends. Rather than taking Memorial Day to remember the past, I felt like I needed to remember the present. The month had whizzed by and brought so many changes that I felt a pressing need to take stock of the moment and really enjoy it. Life is good and I am thankful.

Anyway, I have more updates on the way this week. I have a few blog entries I have been putting off for a while and a number of reviews to write.