DJ Thick presents: Skateshop Radio - Rolling Cosmic (Ivy Sievers 1951 - 2020)

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Ivy Sievers (1951 - 2020)


"Welcome to Skateshop Radio, my name is DJ Thick.  This episode is dedicated to the memory of my mother, Ivy Sievers.


She passed away suddenly in August and since there's a pandemic going on there was no funeral, or memorial service.  So this is my memorial service.  She had a stroke and she was in the hospital in a vegetative state and we had to have the discussion about whether or not to remove her life support and send her on her way.  Her wishes were extremely clear, so it wasn't a hard decision and it was also driven home by the being in the room with her, you could just tell that she wasn't there anymore.  I made the observation that she was already up flying through the cosmos.  Now, I'm not a terribly spiritual person, I kinda believe we only get one shot at this life which is why we need to make the most of our time here and be good to one another, but I love the idea of her soaring through the universe, surfing on some kind of energy ribbon like the Nexus from Star Trek Generations.


My mom loved music. I get it from her I'll be eternally grateful to her for showing me how to appreciate the moment and great music and imagination. 


This mix is mostly drum 'n bass, which she didn’t really listen to, but I'm sure she would have appreciated.  She loves anything with bass and rhythm and everytime she'd walk-in on my listening to any kind of electronic music she's always say "this sounds like that Transformers TV show you always used to watch!".  So even though this wasn't her music, I know she's appreciate it.  Also worth nothing is that in drum 'n bass there is a specific kind of song known as a roller.  Now, all you d&B heads please don't hold me to some definition and say the songs I selected aren't rollers, just know the vibe I'm going for.  The kind of song where you want to roll down your car window and do the airplane thing with your arm while you speed down the highway.


Also worth noting, you can grab the clean version of this mix without me talking over it.  Just check the show notes for the link.


So for the next couple hours let's indulge.  Let's have a proper rave.  Let's imagine Ivy up there rolling through the cosmos on a ribbon of energy in a jet plane made of light.  Rolling Cosmic."

On a production note: this is the biggest and most ambitious mix I have ever attempted.  During the pandemic, I picked up a DVS and started messing with Serato.  I was getting ready to record a new episode shortly after George Floyd was murdered.  Talking about protests and racism.  I'm still going to record that episode.  We can still have that conversation.  And I have lots more to come, but I had to get this one recorded and I had to get it right.  I think in the end it took me 4 tries and I still ended up having to cheat with a little help from Audacity.  I'm happy with how it turned out and I hope you enjoy it.  Keep it locked.  Through thick & thin, I'll be back again.

-DJ Thick