Beware the Deadly Motaba Virus

So, I've been out of action for a couple days now. I got myself sick, and I'm kind of pissed at myself for it.

I'm better now (still not 100%), but still afraid to go outside, which is a shame because the last two days have been gorgeous.

Anyway, just to catch up on some things:

  • for the love of god click the links to watch the trailers for Pineapple Express and Step Brothers (they're just over there, look to the right in the blue box). I laughed so hard I had a grade-A coughing fit.

  • my new computer is awesome.

  • is surprisingly awesome (I'll write more about this in a separate post)

  • I recorded about 55 minutes of me beating on my drums for the video I'm working on. (I don't really want the video to be more than 5 minutes long though, so methinks I have some editing to do).

  • April is here, Cyberpunk Month has begun and I am still watching 80's movies. Time for Sci-Fi dammit!

  • And lastly, I think I'm finally over physical media. You can keep your discs and CDs. Downloads and digital distribution are the wave of the future. (Actually, I prefer to rip my media and then toss the disc to the wayside, but yeah, changing CDs is played)