Super Mega Bothering Me

Okay, so I was Googling myself... stop giggling.  I was checking to see if my blog is being indexed.  My Friendster one is not and it pisses me off, so I started a new one which I think will be ten times more kick-ass (  I was checking to see if this one has been indexed yet and so far... not.

So then I decided to check other websites and what better way to do that than  But I found something there that is totally super mega bothering me.  Type in 'ahren sievers' in metacrawler (sans quotes) and scroll down to the 18th entry.  It's in German, which is common when you search for Sievers, but it not only mentions me but also my brother Ryan!  So I clicked on it and I couldn't get to it.  What the hell!  What is  I can't access anything on  I must know!


John said…
You will no doubt be indexed. It took a short time, but mine was put up within a few.

You might be the only one reading it (mine) though. Still, i like the form of communication.
John said…
further research indicates that is a blog site. Try typing into, and peruse the results.

However, none of the links work...probably meaning it used to host blogs but was then taken down, etc. Must just be showing the shadow.