Coined: Tactical

Tactical: being sensible, useful or utilitarian in nature.

A lot of people misunderstand my use of the word tactical.  Regardless
of the normal definition, tactical in this sense refers mostly to
clothing and gear.

Inspired by a line from Blade (Wesley Snipes) in the movie "Blade: Trinity".

Examples of things that are tactical:
-clothing w/ pockets
-bags/backpacks w/ expansion capabilities
-any clothing that is appropriate to a specific season (worn during that season)

Examples of non-tacticalness:
-wearing a leather jacket in the dead of winter
-not having a single pocket; forcing your boyfriend to carry around
your chapstick
-Carrying all of your possessions in three bags rather than being able to fit them all into one

Tactical can also be a state of mind or mode of thinking.

Dude #1: "Nice jacket."
Dude #2: "Thanks, it'll protect me from temperatures as low as -50.
And it has 78 pockets."
Dude #1: "Whoa, that's mega-tactical!"


John said…
This makes you a Tactician, sir.
Hammer said…
remember that time we came up with expressions using household appliances?
"dude, that's so toaster oven"

the "mega-tactical" comment made me think of that.