Coined: Hero Version

Hero Version (adj.) used to describe one in a series of items that is of good quality.

Taken from film prop terminology in reference specifically to swords, the hero version was one of several versions of the same prop that was made to stand up to up close scrutiny. The hero version of a sword generally looked real while the others were made of wood or rubber or something not nearly as cool.


"The pointy end goes into the other man." --Mask of Zorro

Dude #1: "Hey dude, grab me that DVD of 'Children of Men'"
Dude #2: "This one?"
Dude #1: "No that one's dented. Grab me the hero version behind it."


John said…

#1 Dude, grab me that beer.
#2 Here bud, once miller lite
#1 Dude, the hero version.....
Anonymous said…
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