DJ Thick presents: Skateshop Radio - Episode 11 - Neon Drive

Welcome to a special episode of Skateshop Radio.  I am your host and selector DJ Thick and tonight I am bringing you a full-length mix I've been working on for a few years.  I first had the idea for this mix in 2013, put it all down on paper and tried to record but couldn't get it right.  I typically do mixes live so if I screw something up, even if it's not until the very end of the mix I'll end up just trashing the whole thing.

I put this mix on the shelf long enough for Stranger Things and a video game called Neon Drive to come out and steal some of my retro synth thunder but I'm going to give it another shot tonight.

"So come and take a midnight drive through the hills of this retro future, where the only source of illumination is your neon lit dashboard and the gold glow of the city below."

Download the MP3 version here.