Another Way To Die

High on my cool meter right now is the music video for the "Another Way to Die" by Jack White and Alicia Keys for the upcoming Quantum of Solace. 

The song has taken some time to grow on me. It seems that every Bond song goes one of two ways in its' first impression.  Either it sounds too commercial and not enough like a Bond song or it sounds "too Bond" and the consummate Bond fan worries that the song won't be catchy enough for radio play.

Too Commercial (on first impression)
Too Bond (on first impression)
Anyway, in the end all of these songs become irrevocably Bond and synonymous with their movie.  "Another Way to Die" struck me as being very similar to Paul McCartney's "Live & Let Die".  I also greatly appreciated that seemingly for the first time, a music video from a song featured in a movie does not contain any footage from the movie (save for the awesome shot of Daniel Craig coming up over the ridge at the end).  

Thank you for not feeling the need to cram a clip-show of movie footage into your music video and actually coming up with something artistic that can stand on its own.

I have to express serious disappointment, however that this music video is not available at the iTunes Music Store.  I'm not really in the habit of buying music videos, but this would have been an easy purchase for me.  Hopefully it will be available when the full Quantum of Solace soundtrack drops in a couple of weeks.


Hammer said…
I think that the Shirley Bassey songs are 'too Bond' because that sound is almost synonymous with Bond films, Goldfinger is probably the most prominent, but Diamonds are Forever is up there too (the themes I mean).

I tend to agree with your general sentiment though.