Cedar Rapids Flooding

There's no need to 'Blog Like It's The End of The World' in Cedar Rapids, because I imagine for most residents it's looking a lot like the real thing.

For those of you who don't know me personally, I grew up in Cedar Rapids. The flood has hit the heart of the downtown area and you'll see images of a flooded Mercy Hospital in the following video, I went to school across the street from that hospital just out of frame (I imagine the school was okay since it was situated on much higher ground).

The poor public library is almost completely underwater. This is completely surreal. I was just in the downtown area not even a month ago.


Hammer said…
as bad as it is in IC/Coralville, it's definitely worse in CR. It's unreal how far the floodwaters got. Life goes on, and I'm sure they'll clean up and/or rebuild.