Triumphant Return

So, about 2 weeks ago, my laptop died. I've had the thing for almost 4 years, but for some random reason it just won't operate without freezing any more. From what I understand it was some crazy logic board problem only occurring in my specific model.


In the meantime, I ordered a new computer (a desktop, for a change) and after many calls to the bank trying to convince them that I was not defrauding myself, I am finally, fully back online.

It's cool though, I am online practically 8 hours straight everyday at work, but so much of what my computer has become now is more than just websites, my music, movies, photos, all that crap is on there.

So, yeah it's good to be back. And no, if you're wondering I didn't lose any of my data. I am awesome at backing shit up. In fact, Juvenile's song "Back That Ass Up" was actually written about me. Originally titled "Back That Cache Up", the record execs didn't think it would synergize backward overflow in the key demo's, so they made him change the lyrics and throw a bunch of hoochies in his video. Whatev.

DataMapRight, so I'm still working out the kinks on the new system. Right now I am shuffling the data around on my increasingly ridiculous array of external hard drives. (To the right is a diagram I had to make to keep myself sane.) I thought I was done about an hour and a half ago but now we are "verifying" that my first hour and a half of transfers wasn't spent in vain. So it's almost 2am and the only light on in the room is the blinding white luminescence of my monitor. I'm kinda going crazy. At one point I swear there were bugs crawling on me. Oh well, tomorrow's Friday, hopefully I can walk around like a zombie at work and no one will notice. Also, I got a new keyboard and it's totally -uckin' with my shi-. I love it, but it will take some getting used to.

3 minutes remaining on that verify. I'm out. Stay tuned to this space, I hope to be updating it more frequently now (barring another crazy-ass Star Trek-esque exploding computer panel).

Oh yeah, I also installed gOS on my old PC (since Windows totally failed me in my time of need), but more on that later.