Sneaking Suspicion

I had a conversation with my fiancée the other week in which she professed her amazement at the effectiveness of state-sponsored corporal punishment. It was a fairly innocuous, half-serious conversation but it still left me briefly suspecting that I might be marrying a fascist.

Of course, I know that she's not, but hey, let's face it if there was ever one group of librarians that would love nothing more than to ditch the "liberal librarian" moniker and subject the world to their cold, pitiless, uncompromising order, it's the catalogers.

Anyway, the whole thing, including my fear that I would become the inspiration for a new Mike Myers romantic comedy (So I Married a Nazi), made me think of this pretty funny song by Stephen Lynch.

I'm not sure which is my favorite: the line about driving a Panzer or "I said 'how are you', you said 'white power'."

Stephen Lynch - I Think You're a Nazi


Kristen said…
Ha! Got to love the Brooke... :) Happy Valentine's day!
John said…
careful now son! lol...very sienfeld like.
Anonymous said…
Keep on working, great job!