Top 20 of 2007 Part 1

This year, we're going to break down the top twenty list into sizable bites. Starting us out this week are numbers twenty through fifteen:

20. Snow (Hey Oh) - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium - Snow (Hey Oh)
I pretty much dropped RHCP after that one album that had "Aeroplane" on it. This song got stuck in my head after last year's Macworld keynote presentation by Steve Jobs. He used "Snow" during his demo of the iPhone and that guitar part from the beginning just got lodged in my brain.

19. After Party - Ozomatli
Ozomatli - Don't Mess With the Dragon - After Party

From my review of Don't Mess With The Dragon:
Not enough can be said for the laidback, simplicity of 'After Party'. This is the type of song that you wish would start playing on your iPod as your walking down the street on a sunny afternoon. It also shows that lead singer Raúl Pacheco can evoke emotion even when he's just singing about finding a good party.

18. High Road (featuring John Legend) - Fort Minor
Fort Minor (Featuring John Legend) - The Rising Tied - High Road (Non-PA Version)
The strength of this song was mostly in the chorus and the beat. Shinoda's lyrics about how nobody likes him because he's in Linkin Park are pretty lame and have to be taken with a grain of salt (which was a problem with the Rising Tied album as a whole). Note: if you're making a song about how much all of your non-fans hate you, you're doing a disservice to your actual fans. In the immortal words of Bill Murray, "Nobody likes a whiner."

17. End of the World - Armor For Sleep
Armor for Sleep - Transformers (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) - End of the World

Just got this one at the beginning of December but I must have put it on repeat a few more times than I remember. The first time I listened to it I just really liked the melody. I got crap for liking it, but it's a well constructed song with great production values... so whatever.

16. Explosivo - Tenacious D
Explosivo (Live)

Tenacious D and The Pick of Destiny came out on video in 2007 which meant I couldn't resist digging the first Tenacious D album out of my collection. Explosivo is not my favorite but the short length probably explains how it got played so many times. Honorable mention to "Master Exploder" which appears on the movie soundtrack. That's the song that stirred it all back up again.

15. Inversion - Mark Ronson
Mark Ronson - Version - Inversion

I'm kinda proud that my favorite song from the Mark Ronson album wasn't any of the singles. It was this short little minute-and-a-half ditty that reminded me of Vince Guaraldi's Charlie Brown theme and made me want to play piano again. A great song for whistlin'.