I'm Batman

One of the perks of going to see I Am Legend at the IMAX theater was seeing the extended trailer for the upcoming summer blockbuster Batman: Dark Knight.

The trailer was nothing short of amazing, and really has me excited for the release. Now, another trailer has been released on the Internet.

Find a link to it: here.

The trailer makes everything look great, and living in Chicago, I can't help but nerd out about all the buildings and street corners that I recognize.

The only thing that has me concerned is the scene where you see Lt. Gordon smashing the bat signal (in the extended trailer this scene was much more prevalent). I'm just really hoping that they're not going to villainize Batman...again. I can understand if police corruption causes Gordon to cave under pressure and no longer use the Bat Signal, but if we're going to see another plot line where Batman becomes public enemy number one (ala Batman Returns) I think I may be a tad disappointed. We've been seeing this over and over in the Spider-Man trilogy and it's just not original or appealing. Albeit, Batman is a much more ambivalent and dark character who could easily be mistaken as a villain it's just so cliche for comic books vigilantes.

Anyway, the writers for Batman Begins were immensely talented and did a fantastic job. If Dark Knight retains that same writing team then I'm sure it will be great.

In other news, I Am Legend was decent. The "vampires" were CG and as a result not as scary as they could have been. Will Smith did a great job, but purists who revere the book will be disappointed by the meddling of the writers and the retooling of the ending. End of the World/post-apocalypse enthusiasts will have a lot of eye candy in one of the best visions of decaying urban space ever depicted on film.

You can find a review that sums up most of our thoughts, here.