Why I'm Not a Reporter

I have a BA in journalism, and here is a list of rules entitled 'Journalism 101' that explain perfectly why I am a librarian and not a reporter.

Here are some highlights:

3. ...During wartime journalists must be patriotic and not write anything that might undermine the government or the war effort or lower morale. Wearing a flag pin on one's lapel is a good way to demonstrate [this]. Reporters should always remember that they are Americans first, journalists second and human beings third.

11. ...Just as Catholic priests give up sex, journalists should give up their right to participate in the political process so that they will not have to think too much about whether one side or another is correct. Thinking too hard threatens their objectivity.

12. Journalists should not censor a story unless the government or a big advertiser asks them to.

16. Reporting on people's personal lives should be avoided unless the Drudge Report or the National Enquirer has already written about it, in which case you can report that they reported on it, which is not the same as reporting on it yourself.

Click here for the full list: Journalism 101