Go-Go Gadget Go Bag

What's in Your Go Bag? Lifehacker.com put out a call for submissions on Monday to ask that very question.

Here's my response. What's your's? Go to Lifehacker.com on Thursday to see the 'Show Us Your Go Bag Screenshot Tour'

The Librarian's Go Bag. Liberated from a group of bags designated for our library's laptops. This is my new go bag, replacing the one I had in school with something a bit smaller.

  • Sunglasses ($14 Target variety) + case
  • 20GB iPod (to plug in to speakers at the office)
  • Metra Schedules
  • notepad
  • iPhone (usually resides in pocket, but replaces the digital camera I carried in my old go bag)
  • Random library materials (this week it's Bulllitt on DVD and a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy audiobook)
  • Mini-Umbrella
  • Mini-Maglite
  • 2GB Flash Drive
  • chapstick
  • my trusty Parker pen (great click action)
  • a little fresh breath control
  • iPhone cloth
  • headphones (usually reside in a cargo pocket)
  • (Not pictured: my old, beat up eye-glasses case w/ cleaning cloth)